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Nkuringo Lodges & Safaris

Expanding into new areas of Africa is often difficult, learning a new destination, what's on offer and the logistics of getting around. However sometimes you just meet the right people. With Nkuringo Safaris and Lodges we have done just that. A young, vibrant Ugandan owned business that owns Papyrus Guesthouse in Entebbe, Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge (the name says it all) and an exciting and unique walking Safari operation allowing you visit some of the most amazing areas which are not easily accessed by vehicle. There is a huge focus on sustainability and Nkuringo Safaris work very closely with the local communities, supporting numerous local initiatives including the Bright Future Primary School for orphaned children in Nkuringo.

Our brief is to work closely with Nkuringo Safaris to bring more awareness of their products and the benefits of travelling with them through Uganda, to the UK and European markets. To help develop new and interesting itineraries together and produce promotional material to help make Nkuringo Safaris "the" company to go to for all your Uganda needs.

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