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Sunrise Tours Ethiopia

We have always been fascinated by Ethiopia and what it has to offer, the rich history, culture, scenery and one of Africa's top primate experiences. Throughout the years we have toyed with the idea of representing an Ethiopian client but unfortunately access was not always so easy. Today with the expansion of Ethiopian Airlines, access to Ethiopia and it's many treasures is extremely easy and Ethiopia is truly open for tourism.

Sunrise Tours is the combination of an Ethiopian/Italian partnership. By joining their knowledge and passion of Ethiopia and the tourism/service industry Yacob and Emanuele have successfully grown a business that seamlessly shows off the wonders of Ethiopia. 

Our brief is to work closely with Sunrise Tours to bring more awareness of their products and the benefits of travelling with them through Ethiopia, to the UK and European markets. To help develop new and interesting itineraries together and produce promotional material to help bring Sunrise Tours to the forefront of the international market.

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