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Beho Beho


We have been involved with Beho Beho since 1998 when it was a very private, rather dilapidated camp being visited by the owner - Christopher Bailey, and his friends about three times each year. With Christopher's unexpected and untimely death in 2002 his son Charlie took over the reins and a decision was made to rebuild the camp and to put it on a more commercial footing. Africa Reps has worked alongside Charlie on this project - offering marketing and operational advice to create a camp that fulfils a need in today's safari market.

Africa Reps provides and executes a marketing strategy to position Beho Beho as a high end safari experience - not just within Tanzania but within 'Safari Africa' - we operate a sales and reservations service for the camp, holding reservations charts and guest logistics information - also all camp invoicing, sales ledger and credit control facilities are provided from our UK based office. Rates, commission structures and day-to-day tour operator and ex-guest relationships are managed by us, as well as sales related entertainment for our industry partners.

We have designed and operate the Beho Beho website introducing innovations of bushblogs, bushmails and the photo competition, monitoring the site closely for search engine optimistation. We introduced and control the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube connections as well as doing frequent Africa Reps blogs on Beho Beho happenings. We also provide a hotel operations consultancy service for the camp visiting three times a year to perform operations inspections and attend operations meetings.

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