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The Oyster Bay Hotel

As with its sister property Beho Beho our association stretches back to 1998 and has a similar history, being that the property was struggling to remain competitive as new properties appeared in Dar es Salaam. Africa Reps worked alongside Charlie Bailey to completely redesign the hotel and reduce it from a rather sprawling seventy room property into the chic eight suite boutique hotel that it is today.

Africa Reps provides and executes the marketing strategy to position the Oyster Bay as the ideal 'stopover property' in Dar es Salaam - providing airport and port transfers and a fully inclusive hospitality product clearly aimed at the international tourist who has to transit Dar es Salaam due to flight connections. We operate a sales and reservations service for the hotel, holding reservations charts and guest logistics information - also all invoicing, sales ledger and credit control facilities are provided from our UK based office. Rates, commission structures and day-to-day tour operator and ex-guest relationships are managed by us, as well as sales related entertainment for our industry partners.

We have designed and manage the Oyster Bay website and provide a hotel operations consultancy service for the hotel visiting three times a year to perform operations inspections and attend operations meetings.

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